Developing a large-scale dataset of flood fatalities for territories in the Euro-Mediterranean region, FFEM-DB

Show simple item record Papagiannaki, Katerina Petrucci, Olga Diakakis, Michalis Kotroni, Vassiliki Aceto, Luigi Bianchi, Cinzia Brázdil, Rudolf Grimalt Gelabert, Miquel Inbar, Moshe Kahraman, Abdullah Kılıç, Özgenur Krahn, Astrid Kreibich, Heidi Llasat, Maria Carmen Llasat-Botija, Montserrat Macdonald, Neil Madruga de Brito, Mariana Mercuri, Michele Pereira, Susana Řehoř, Jan Rossello Geli, Joan Salvati, Paola Vinet, Freddy Zêzere, José Luis 2022-04-13T05:55:51Z 2022-04-13T05:55:51Z
dc.description.abstract [eng] This data paper describes the multinational Database of Flood Fatalities from the Euro-Mediterranean region FFEM-DB that hosts data of 2,875 flood fatalities from 12 territories (nine of which represent entire countries) in Europe and the broader Mediterranean region from 1980 to 2020. The FFEM-DB database provides data on fatalities' profiles, location, and contributing circumstances, allowing researchers and flood risk managers to explore demographic, behavioral, and situational factors, as well as environmental features of flood-related mortality. The standardized data collection and classification methodology enable comparison between regions beyond administrative boundaries. The FFEM-DB is expandable, regularly updated, publicly available, and with anonymized data. The key advantages of the FFEM-DB compared to existing datasets containing flood fatalities are its high level of detail, data accuracy, record completeness, and the large sample size from an extended area.
dc.format application/pdf
dc.relation.ispartof Scientific Data, 2022, vol. 9, num. 166, p. 1-14
dc.rights , 2022
dc.subject.classification Medi ambient
dc.subject.other Environment
dc.title Developing a large-scale dataset of flood fatalities for territories in the Euro-Mediterranean region, FFEM-DB
dc.type info:eu-repo/semantics/article 2022-04-13T05:55:52Z
dc.subject.keywords mortalitat
dc.subject.keywords Inundacions
dc.subject.keywords Mar Mediterrani
dc.subject.keywords Europa
dc.subject.keywords base de dades
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